Artist Statement

Gwendolyn Phelps

I’ve loved art and creating throughout my life since I was old enough to pick up crayons. To this day I have been passionate about art. I use art as an outlet to convey my feelings and use it as a different way of communicating with others. One of many reasons I love and produce art is I feel the process is just as important as the product itself.

I use many different mediums such as watercolor pencils, drawing pencils, acrylic paints, colored pencils, ink with Chinese brushes on rice paper and watercolors to name some. All shapes and sizes I use for brushes. The different styles in my work I use are from whimsical to realism. A large variety of different types such as watercolor pencils, mixed media, paintings, collages, abstract and many more.

I have a taught many children art education and the love of art. Some peers have told me I have a style to which is unique in the way I create my art.

I have studied art at Rosemont College in PA and received a bachelors degree in Studio Art. Education is very important to me and you’re never too old to learn new things. I have taken many art courses and workshops in the past and love to learn new techniques and different styles of art

I draw and paint different subjects such as nature, landscapes, animals, people and objects. I really enjoy whimsical art the best. I love the freedom of the pencil because it can take you anywhere. I use bright vivid colors in my pieces.

Overall, I am very lucky to have found art as an outlet to use as another language of mine and shows how each piece touches my soul.